The Ancient Faith

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Salvation from Sin

If an honest reader will synthesize the data in New Testament concerning God’s gift of salvation, he or she will come to only one conclusion. His divine plan for the salvation of humanity requires that the following conditions be met: belief, repentance, confession of faith, and water baptism (John 3:16; Acts 2:38; Romans 10:9,10, etc.). Once a hearer submits to these inspired conditions, the result is salvation, forgiveness, justification, newness of life, and admission into Christ’s body. Why would anyone select one of these items such as “faith” and make it the solitary condition of salvation?


This video sermon entitled “The Conversion of Saul of Tarsus” was taken originally broadcast on the Let the Bible Speak program in 2000. The host was brother Wayne McKamie of McGregor, TX. We hope you enjoy this timely and eloquent presentation.


God’s Amazing Grace

  Written Studies:
      Grace, Faith and Works in Justification Joe  Hisle
      The True Grace of God Alexander Campbell

  Audio Sermons:
      The Other Side of Grace – Ronny Wade
      Superabounding Grace – Jerry Dickinson
      The Great Scheme of Redemption – Paul Nichols


  Written Studies:
      Faith by Itself Alexander Campbell
      The Stretch of Faith Billy Dickinson
      Faith J.W. McGarvey
      What Is Wrong With The Doctrine Of Faith Only Barney Owens



  Written Studies:
      Repentance J. W. McGarvey
      Repentance T.W. Brents

  Audio Sermons:
      It is High Time– Ronny Wade
      The Way of the Transgressor is Hard – Ronny Wade

The Good Confession

  Written Studies:
      The Good Confession D.S. Burnet
      Verbal Confession of Christ George Battey
      Confession of Faith – Benjamin Lyon Smith

  Audio Sermons:
      I believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God – Bruce Roebuck

Immersion (baptizo)

  Written Studies:
      Christ’s Conversation with Nicodemus – Moses Lard
      The Washing of Regeneration – A. Campbell

      The Nature of Baptism T.W. Brents
      Baptism J.W. McGarvey
      Infant Baptism T.W. Brents
      The Purpose of Baptism T.W. Brents
      “Baptism doth also now save us” Billy Dickinson
      Immersion in the Holy Spirit (1 Co.12:13) – J.W. McGarvey

  Audio Sermons:
      But He Was A Leper – Joe Hisle
      Baptism – Wayne McKamie


  Written Studies:
       The Remission of Sins J.W. McGarvey        
       The World of Romans One (homosexuality) – Wayne McKamie   
       Alleviating Guilt Paul Melton     
       Are Children Born In Sin? Ronny Wade
       Prayer, not the Duty of the Unbaptized – Moses Lard
       Excuses – T.W. Brents 
       Sin and its Punishment J.W. McGarvey 
       God is Not Mocked – J.W. McGarvey    

  Audio Sermons:
      Be Sure Your Sin Will Find You Out– Jerry Dickinson
     “I am Ashamed” – Ronny Wade
     Sowing and Reaping – Wayne McKamie

Cases of Conversion

  Written Studies:   

      The Conversion of the Jailer – T.W. Brents
      Cases of Conversion: The Eunuch J.W. McGarvey
      Cases of Conversion: Cornelius J.W.    McGarvey
      Cases of Conversion: Lydia J.W. McGarvey
      Cases of Conversion: Paul J.W. McGarvey
      Cases of Non-Conversion: Felix J.W. McGarvey
      Cases of Non-Conversion: Agrippa J.W. McGarvey
       Saul of Tarsus – Lynwood Smith

  Audio Sermons:
       The Conversion of Saul – Wayne McKamie
       Baptizing the Secretary of the Treasury – Jerry Dickinson
       Not For Sale (City of Samaria) – Jerry Dickinson

The Ancient Faith website is a thematic collection of scholarly yet simple Bible essays and sermons, many of which were composed by Restoration preachers such as J.W. McGarvey, Moses Lard, Benjamin Franklin, and Alexander CampbellThese courageous men of faith through hours of Bible investigation studied themselves out of denominationalism, asking for “the old paths” (Jer. 6:16) and seeking to return to “the faith once for all delivered to the saints” (Jude 3). We join with these men in their fervent plea to restore “the ancient order,” “the ancient gospel” or, as it was sometimes called, “the ancient faith.”