The Ancient Faith

Acceptable Worship

Contrary to what many teach, Christ has set forth the components that were to constitute the type of worship pleasing to the Father. As John 4:24 indicates, the elements of true worship are three: the proper object of worship (which is “God”), the correct attitude of worship (“in spirit”), and the proper execution (“in truth”). The following articles call men and women to return to the divine pattern for acceptable worship laid out by the Lord in Holy Scriptures.

This video sermon entitled “The Worship of the Church” was taken originally broadcast on the Let the Bible Speak program on August, 1979 on KTVT-TV 11 in Dallas-Fort Worth. The host was Johnny Elmore (1931-2019). He faithfully served the Lord and His church for nearly 70 years and preached all across the United States and around the world.  We hope you enjoy this timely presentation.



  Written Studies:
      Spiritual Worship Ervin Waters
      The Worship of the Church Paul O. Nichols
      Contemporary Worship Bennie Cryer

  Audio Sermons:
      Worship in Spirit and in Truth – Barney Owens


  Written Studies:
    Concerning Instrumental Music and Choirs in the Churches of Christ Dr. H. Christopher
      Instrumental Music in Churches – J.W. McGarvey
      Instrumental Music Moses Lard
      Instrumental Music in Worship H.E. Phillips
      Psallo M.C. Kurfees
      Singing and Making Melody in Your Heart Vs. Playing on a an
      Instrument – Johnny Elmore


  Written Studies:
      The Communion – Ervin Waters
     Individual Cups J.W. McGarvey
The Inside of the Cup – Homer Gay
     One Loaf – Alexander Campbell
      Breaking the Loaf – J.D. Phillips
      Breaking Bread – Clovis Cook
      “This Do In Remembrance Of Me” – Ronny Wade
      Sanitation In The Communion – Alton Bailey and James Orten
      The Cup of the Lord – E. H. Miller
      Breaking bread in Acts 2:46, a common meal or the Lord’s supper? – P. Melton

  Audio Sermons:
      The Communion– Homer Gay
      Eating at the King’s Table – Ronny Wade
      Debate on “one cup” vs. “individual cups” – Joe Hisle and David Bonner


  Written Studies:
      Robert Raikes and the Sunday School E.H. Miller
      The Teaching Jerry Cutter
      Sunday School Tony Melton
      “Let Your Women Keep Silent” – Joe Hisle
      Financial Support of Preachers, Elders and Teachers – Gregory P. Gay

  Audio Sermons:
      Sunday School – Ronny Wade


  Written Studies:
      Sending Support to Preachers Directly – Ronny Wade
A Restoration of the Ancient Order of Things: The FellowshipA. Campbell
      Will a Man Rob God? Paul Nichols
      The Contribution: How It Must Be Used – Jerry L. Cutter
      Supporting Unbelievers out of the Church Treasury Ronny Wade



  Written Studies:
       Prayer: It’s Efficacy J.W. McGarvey        
       Prayer – Billy Orten   
       Prayer, not the Duty of the Unbaptized – Moses Lard


  Written Studies:
       Not Forsaking the Assembling of Ourselves Together Paul O. Nichols       
       Evidence for the Weekly Observance of the Lord’s Supper – A. Campbell   
       Forsaking the Assembly George Battey
       When the Disciples Came Together to Break Bread Kevin Presley

       When Does the  Lord’s Day Begin and End? Jerry Cutter

  Audio Sermons:
     The First Day of the Week– Bruce Roebuck
     Not Forsaking the Assembling – Barney Owens

The Ancient Faith website is a thematic collection of scholarly yet simple Bible essays and sermons, many of which were composed by Restoration preachers such as J.W. McGarvey, Moses Lard, Benjamin Franklin, and Alexander Campbell. These courageous men of faith through hours of Bible investigation studied themselves out of denominationalism, asking for “the old paths” (Jer. 6:16) and seeking to return to “the faith once for all delivered to the saints” (Jude 3). We hope you will join with these men in their fervent plea to restore “the ancient order,” “the ancient gospel” or, as it was sometimes called, “the ancient faith.”