The Ancient Faith

The Church of Christ

The church of Christ originally established on Pentecost in A.D. 33 still exists in contemporary times, and continues to offer true worship to God. Jesus founded only one church, and the current “Christian” denominations are not Christian at all (Mt.16:18).  Because they teach “for doctrines the commandments of men,” they form no part of the Lord’s church (Mt.15:9). The following articles and audio sermons are a call to restore the original church in all its doctrinal and moral purity by carefully adhering to the New Testament pattern.


This video sermon entitled “The Undenominational Church” was taken originally broadcast on the Let the Bible Speak program in 1993. The host was Johnny Elmore (1931-2019). We hope you enjoy this timely presentation.


Establisment of the Church

  Written Studies:
      The Church that Jesus Built Billy Orten
      The Inauguration of the New Institution Benjamin Franklin
      The Establishment of the Church Johnny Elmore

 Audio Sermons:
      The Jerusalem Church – George Battey
      What is Different about the Church of Christ – Jimmie Smith

Undenominational Character

  Written Studies:
      Introducing the Church of Christ Ronny Wade
      A Plea to Restore the Apostolic Church James C. Creel
      Restoring the Ancient Order Ronny Wade
      The Bible Church Ronny Wade
      Primitive Christianity Walter Scott
      The Church: Its Identity – Benjamin Franklin
      The Jerusalem Church – J.W. McGarvey

Audio Sermons:
      The Greatest Institution – Barney Owens
      What is Right With the Church? – Ronny Wade


  Written Studies:
      Endeavoring to Keep the Unity Wayne McKamie
      God’s Sevenfold Unity Jerry Cutter

Metaphorical Descriptions

  Written Studies:
      The Body of Christ – A. Campbell
     The Kingdom of Heaven A. Campbell
      The Tabernacle Lynwood Smith
      The Tabernacle T.W. Brents

  Audio Sermons:
     The Kingdom of Christ – Wayne McKamie
     The Family – Lynwood Smith
     The Tabernacle – Lynwood Smith

Church Autonomy

  Written Studies:
       The Voice of the Brotherhood Ronny Wade
      Congregational Autonomy Bennie Cryer

The Ancient Faith website is a thematic collection of scholarly yet simple Bible essays and sermons, many of which were composed by Restoration preachers such as J.W. McGarvey, Moses Lard, Benjamin Franklin, and Alexander CampbellThese courageous men of faith through hours of Bible investigation studied themselves out of denominationalism, asking for “the old paths” (Jer. 6:16) and seeking to return to “the faith once for all delivered to the saints” (Jude 3). We join with these men in their fervent plea to restore “the ancient order,” “the ancient gospel” or, as it was sometimes called, “the ancient faith.”